Shish Kabob and Much More “Shish Kabob and Much More Restaurant” is a mouthful for a name but is a great reflection of what Shish Kabob and Much More Restaurant offers. Who doesn’t like a kabob? I think everyone enjoys a good kabob and that is what Shish Kabob delivers to your door. Have you ever made kabobs on the grill? Well if you are anything like me, when I try, either my vegetables are burnt and the meat is raw, or the meat is burnt dry and hard and the vegetables had long ago fell off the stick, or the whole mess sticks to the grill and in an attempt to remove it, I loose it all to the flames below. So, it makes it nice having a shish kabob restaurant that delivers! Heck, you can even pretend you made them yourself just don’t forget to light the grill and give it all away! Shish Kabob and Much More Restaurant offers Soltani Kabobs, Fish Kabobs, Chicken Breast Kabobs, Barg Kabob and more! When you are looking for something a little different from the typical delivery food, check out Shish Kabob and Much More Restaurant. Order Online